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Shintan revamped/day 2 by Ask-Shintan
Shintan revamped/day 2
this is Day two for my project .... i think i did a ok Clean up of the chin now its onto the coloring of the hair and eye's next its Skin, ears, and well you know the rest =D, see ya next time folks.
Shintan revamped by Ask-Shintan
Shintan revamped
thought i could work on some art and revamp shintan, the better half of me =P
The War Journal of Shintan.

They Say you Can learn who you truly are in the Heat of the Moment, they say a Man can lose himself with conflicting Emotions, what I have Learned on these Walls is that I am a Demon, i lost Sight of who i was and become a Monster, and all i have is Flashes of Memories, like a Slide Show, Depicting a Howling Creature in a Midst of Body's with Stone and Mortar crumbling Around this Creature This Thing, I Fear that as this War proceeds on the more i slip from Reality and Fade like a Dyeing Star in the night Sky, only the Thought of what my Future Child and my Wife keeps me in one Peace.

The Enemy's have Stormed the Front Gates Throwing Men and Machines like a Tidal Wave crashing on Rocks, My Fellow Knights took Center Stage fighting and Killing all in our Path, but Such as Us they Have Knights too, our Fight took place in the Midst of a Thousand Screams, Splintering wood, and the Sound of Tearing Fabric as the Spells casted from Mages passed us, it was a Bloody fight, three of my Fellow Knights have Fallen to the Enemy and they only Lost one, Tonight we Faced a Defeat, yet Tomorrow promises to bring more Blood, i pray that those Young Soldiers on the Walls, hold while we Lick our Wounds.

I lost myself again, that Mist of Red so Welcoming, Like a Bead of Summer leaf's on a Warm Forest floor, A Fine Wine Meant to be drunk by people, my fellow Knights and I made a Push to Keep the Gates from Falling, we fought with Tooth and Nail, but one by one we fell to Enemy Knights, only I and the Last surviving Knights  held our spots at the Gate's, all I can Remember is the Shouting and Pain shooting threw me as Arrows soon found their Mark in my Armor, I Remember Falling to My Knees and Holding Tight on my Sword and Shield, with the Proud Symbol of the Royal family Crest, with an Eternity falling before my eyes, all I could Think of was Angel, how much I wanted to Live to keep her safe, how i had to Protect what Little I had ..... the Last thing i remembered before the Haze took me, is my brothers in arms calling to me, trying to get to me. the next time I opened my eye's I was wound up in Gauze, and in a Militant Medical Tent, that's all i can Write at the time, my Energy must be spend getting better and for more bloodshed, i was told that we Held the Gates just barley but at a Great Cost.
War Journals #2
i alrdy have a Idea for part two and sence i couldnt really got much sleep so, what the hell might as well work on pt2 and put it out for ya guys =D
The War Journal of Shintan.
The Peace Summoning, so we don't need to Shed Blood Took place in front of the Ice Walls just North of the Castle I call my New Home, Thousands of Knights and Soldiers Lined on each side, (Military Standers are Flung, As always)  to show its might, our Generals of course Convene in the Center of all the Massing Soldiers to Threat or Barter for Peace, Like some Land or Gold probably a Pledge of Gold, who knows I have only read o so many books on Political matters, never can get into that sort of thing, However sense I am Wedded to the Princess of the Snow Kingdome, I would probably be a Arch Duke or King, .... in all Reality I just want to Move my Beloved Angel to my Old house in the Forest, Their I know the Layout like the Back or my Hand, or the Tuff of hair that extends from my Ears, o well I have a Feeling that the meeting might not go the Way we hope it might go, o well at least i have a Picture of My Darling to Keep me fighting.

Well as you can Guess from the Briefest of Moments That the Peace Summoning ended badly yesterday, (not too much of a shocker), but that means as soon all men where behind the Walls and our Generals Retreated to make Attack plans and Defensive Lines, we set out making Barricades, Fletching Arrows, and going through Drills tell our Hands Bled, sometimes Being the Knight isn't as Glamorous allot of People think it is, Mostly filled with Blood, Sweat, and Tears, o well i still have this Picture of Angel to Keep me Strong and Moving.

Well we Knew Bloodshed was coming, allot of the Soldiers are just Young kids looking to get a Thrill threw Militant means, My Fellow Knights and I were sent to Reinforce a Section of the Wall that came under Heavy attack, Machines that where cable of Launching Boulders at the Walls, and Spell casters Casting Fire that Rained from the Sky, and almost forgot the Archers, so many young people Screaming for Help and running for Cover, I had to Hold my Ears Down to Drown some of the Screaming out, made my Head ring, (note that as a Side Effect of being half Human Half Fox) but of course there was a Battle to win, and I was Standing Knee deep in it, so many Children ..... you can only stem the Blood of a Dyeing Soldier for O so long, I'll have to Write something Later, to many bad memories.
War Journals
After looking back at some Old RP's, which i haven't done in a Godly while, i decided to Make a War Journal for Shintan, I'v Writing allot of stuff for him, so might as well this, Let me know if i should Make more or if i'm just pissing in the wind XD

Sad to say

Fri Dec 5, 2014, 7:29 PM
As of today all drawing Rights for shintan, go to Ask_Cyclone a good friend of mine, but i cant draw him any more, i faltered and failed to pick my self up, so here i am saying sorry to All you wonderful people, you guys have done so much for me and helped me on my most crucial moments, I am still planing on talking to everyone and probably RP ... but i haven't done that in some time to.


these are all amazing and talented Artist that have inspired me to push and try, and i hope they do the same for you, their is still a big huge massive list of people that deserve attention to, and sorry i didnt add you to the list D=.

Thank you all for all you're support, with love from you're favorite fox. :iconfoxhappyplz:


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Walter Gardner
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United States
Hello every one and welcome to my Profile of Stuff .... >.>

lol i might as well to you who i am and what i do or try to do at best XD

I am walter James Freddrick gardner Born on January 5th, 1991 at the Evergreen Hospital in Washington (not DC),
i am a small time artist at best but if you saw what i did in 200 -2005 i drew nothing but Eye's then i branched off to other style's and so far that's where i am at 2013.

i have had surgery on my Right hand (the one i draw with) so i have to work extra frakin hard to just draw XD, but that's life for you.

i'm a hard core Gameing Nerd, you give me a game and then i'll be gone playing it XD
uuuuuuum i'm trying to get my YouTube series launched and what not so that's a small hassle,
O i have a job and a Girlfriend now so i feel rather happy about that, how ever the steps i had to take to get that job i am not so proud =/

o well but ya that's me, if you have any questions what so ever don't be afraid to ask =3


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