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Do you like my OC Bio storys???? 

3 deviants said O HELL YA *Epic fox spin of Kawaiiness*
No deviants said yes i dont mind it, heck i am rather introled when the next is coming.
No deviants said its ok ..... i guess
No deviants said nop, BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!111


Practice! by Ask-Shintan
i kinda stoped looked at alll my games and what not, then i thought i havent drawn anything in a godly while, might as well try, for the sake of nistolga XD
I had this vision,
no more of a dream,
so real and so sad,
I cry'd all day,
it made me hate myself more then ever,
so strong it struck my heart.

It was a Black oozing sea of depression and regrets,
I was swallowed by the Sea,
it was angry,
I try'd to swim,
I try'd so hard but the Undertow was to strong,
as I sank to my death I would catch a glimpse of light,
and I reached out to it,
for that Light that was fading from my sight,
it hurt to hold my breath in,
it hurt to try,
and my breath gave way and i sank deep into that madness,
remembering all those words said to me,
all those names,
every face contorted into anger and laughter at me,
and before i woke up,
i heard a voice,
"Give up" it would say,
"Let go" it jested,
"no one will miss you" it yelled,
"now just Die."

Their i was siting upright in bed,
crying silently,
with the Past of pain still hovering over me,
When will this nightmare end?
when will i,
i have fallen so far from my goals i see no way to get back up, but poetry is one thing that i truly love to express myself and someday it might be a treasure to someone ell's, that is my last hope i have left, thank you for taking you're time to read all this and stumic the bad grammer, if you like it you know what to do XD, tell then i will see you guys later
Knowing you are a failure is one thing,
Accepting the fact that you are one,
is another.

you can't walk threw it thinking everything will be fine,
you can't lie to you're self for the truth will hunt you down,
and no matter how hard you try to crawl to that light,
that star in you're eye,
you will never reach it.

It hurts,
it truly does,
you have to put one foot in front of the other,
forced to walk in you're doubts,
those nagging pulling feelings,
because you know you're a failure,
because you accept you are one,
you are marked,
and their is no escape.

Knowing that you are a Failure is one thing,
Accepting that you are a failure,
is another.
Knowing how some people feel at time's and how fragile our lives can be is a gift and a curse, and knowing that you are a Failure is the hardest things to accept.
Hello my friend,
I have a message for you,
it begins with thus.

Open your eyes and see the world below,
open your heart to something pure,
but be careful for you can fall as far as me,
defeated and beaten,
sought out by the rules to shatter the mind,
you can be a Husk with little emotions,
and little feeling,
Forced to walk on your two legs for miles on end,
a Tick meant to be killed,
so please be careful,
because you are all I have left that is sane.
The message
a little something to show ya folks i'm still alive
Dozy by Ask-Shintan
TADAAAAAA .... sorry for the late post, due to the net being down and all XD.

My best Bud

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 2:17 AM
As of Today 7/24/14 Charles Gardner (the Cat) has passed from this world and moved to the next while i was at work, he brought me happiness and joy for over 17 years of my life and i would never trade them up, he was loved and cared for and will be missed .... i love ya bud.

Thank you every one for supporting me even though i haven't posted any art of late, and i have lacked in the Poetry Department, but thank you all for what you have done for me, and sorry for letting you all down.


Ask-Shintan's Profile Picture
Walter Gardner
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello every one and welcome to my Profile of Stuff .... >.>

lol i might as well to you who i am and what i do or try to do at best XD

I am walter James Freddrick gardner Born on January 5th, 1991 at the Evergreen Hospital in Washington (not DC),
i am a small time artist at best but if you saw what i did in 200 -2005 i drew nothing but Eye's then i branched off to other style's and so far that's where i am at 2013.

i have had surgery on my Right hand (the one i draw with) so i have to work extra frakin hard to just draw XD, but that's life for you.

i'm a hard core Gameing Nerd, you give me a game and then i'll be gone playing it XD
uuuuuuum i'm trying to get my YouTube series launched and what not so that's a small hassle,
O i have a job and a Girlfriend now so i feel rather happy about that, how ever the steps i had to take to get that job i am not so proud =/

o well but ya that's me, if you have any questions what so ever don't be afraid to ask =3


:iconchef-chad: :icondahub: :iconspiritsnight: :iconabrihel: :iconruniix:


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